Pakistan’s Solar Kids Baffle Doctors: As The Sun Sets, Their Bodies Get Paralyzed

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Updated on 9 May, 2016 at 4:27 pm


Whether you watched ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ or not, you must be aware of Jadoo – the alien who used to function on solar energy and his famous dialogue: ‘Dhooooop…’



Well, something similar is in the news nowadays. Shoaib, Rashid and Ilyas Hashim, aged one, nine and 13, are Pakistani brothers who have baffled the medical community which is trying to diagnose their ailment that leaves them paralyzed after sunset.

The children get their energy with the sun rise and behave normally until the sun sets. Seeing this, the villagers have named them:

“The Solar Kids”



The kids are under observation in Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) in Islamabad. Doctors have kept them for tests and possible treatment.

“It is a rare medical condition we have never encountered before and we are investigating it,” Dr. Javed Akram, Chancellor at PIMS said.


Blood samples and test reports have already been sent to thirteen international collaborators, including Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins Medical Institute in the US. and Guys Hospital in London. Numerous tests were conducted by the nine-member board that was specially formed to see the case these brothers. Till now no positive reports have come.


This could be a rare case of Masthenia Syndrome

As their father told doctors, they are like this from birth. He also said that their bodies appeared dependent on sunlight since they were born unlike the other two children he has and hence, villagers named them ‘solar kids’.


In the early diagnosis, doctors claimed that it could be a congenital disease called Masthenia Syndrome which is a rare illness with only 600 cases reported all over the world so far.

“From what we know, theirs is the first reported case of such an illness in Pakistan and we are trying to solve this condition with the help of medical science. Their bodies are clearly synced to the movement of the sun.”


In the day time, the brothers behave normally. They go out to play cricket with friends. They also help their father with his part-time livestock farming, tending to sheep and goats. But as soon the sun starts setting, their strength and energy appear to vanish and their bodies are paralyzed.


A team of 27 Pakistanis and 13 international doctors has been set to treat the brothers. On being asked about the cure, Dr. Akram said that there might be a cure as the children’s condition, while not getting better, isn’t getting worse.

“What is good is their illness has shown no signs of worsening with time and there might be a cure for them.”

Though it’s a rare medical condition but we still pray for the fast recovery of the kids. Hope they get better and start living a normal life soon.


Source: The Hindu