You Will Be Shocked To See Hot Sofia Hayat’s Transformation To ‘Mother Sofia’: It’s Hilarious

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3:50 pm 23 May, 2016

Omg! What has happened to Sofia Hayat?



Yes, everyone is shocked to this international actress’s transformation. The former Bigg Boss contestant has become a nun and is now openly calling herself “Mother Sofia”. But rather than genuine this transformation of hot model-turned-actress, Sofia Hayat, is looking more like a publicity stunt.

So, this was Sofia Hayat when she came into the industry.



This was Sofia hayat 8 weeks ago on her Instagram account playing holi.

Happy holi!!!!

A photo posted by Sofia Hayat. (Gaia Mother) (@sofiahayat) on


Then she told her fans about her mother asking her to remove her bikini pictures from social media.

My mum still tells me off event hough I'm grown up!! #asianparents #bikini #instalike #instagram #instajoker

A video posted by Sofia Hayat. (Gaia Mother) (@sofiahayat) on


And a week later, she became ‘Mother Sofia’.

Morning vibes #buddha #meditation #natural

A photo posted by Sofia Hayat. (Gaia Mother) (@sofiahayat) on


And this creepy video…


This is Mother Sofia with her ‘handsome Clark Kent’ friend.


And she has also become a nutritionist.

Breakfadt the enlightened way 🙂 #vegan #buddha #breakfas #chiaseeds

A video posted by Sofia Hayat. (Gaia Mother) (@sofiahayat) on



Well, we all are. What happened in just a week that she became a nun?! It is good if she has actually awakened her soul and decided to choose this path but her fans could not believe this and many are unhappy about it.



Okay, even if we convince ourselves about Sofia’s motivation to search for inner peace, why publicize it? After becoming a nun aren’t you are supposed to leave all worldly pleasures and devote yourself to the path of spirituality and to helping others.



Frankly speaking, I am finding this pure nonsense. Yes, you can suddenly change your mind and think about making your life better. But a transformation like this, and that too overnight, is a bogus surprise that I am surely not going to believe. Her picture and video on Instagram are more hilarious than inspiring. She, or people like her, like Rakhi Sawant, KRK, etc. are just publicity seekers.

No matter what they do to change their image in public, nobody is going to believe them!



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