9 Undeniable Facts About Society’s Double Standards That Will Shock You

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2:50 pm 29 Mar, 2016


Today’s world is way ahead in the path of equality but society’s double standards still exist. Differences still persist in this world when it comes to gender equality. Certain things that are okay for men are not okay for women. No matter how much you protest, the world still treats females as the weaker sex. Rich people dominate the poor. People pretend to work in favor of the welfare of the society and in turn are degrading the world. Here are certain illustrations portraying the double standards of our society!


1. Yes, because a woman’s body is made of plastic. She can’t feel anything!

A man walking and scratching his crotch is normal for people. But, if a girl is seen scratching her breast, people start questioning her upbringing and her basic etiquette.




2. Those who have power and control are allowed to do anything.



3. Using smileys and emoticons while texting means different things – depending on your gender.



4. Other people feel compelled to remark on a woman’s look and if she chooses to use makeup.



5. People show grief over the situations only when they want to. Religion plays a very important role in such issues.



6. We talk a lot about women’s bodies but sometimes miss the pressure we put on men about their bodies.



7. Gender equality is a two-way street. If women wouldn’t like being chased by guys, maybe guys wouldn’t liked being chased by girls.



8. Marriage is an individual’s choice. It definitely won’t hamper the sanctity of marriage.



9. Thankfully, people’s genitals are not locks and keys. IF someone wants to go ahead and have sex, it’s nobody else’s business.



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