11 Social Media Truths You May Not Like To Admit

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Updated on 4 Sep, 2018 at 6:07 pm


While social media may claim to increase social communication, it actually does the opposite. Plus, it reduces your attention span to such a degree that you cannot concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes. The rest is like this:

1. You love to read lists instead of essays.

Long articles, however meaningful, are rarely read by people on social media because of short attention span. This is why people want to gather all information from points in a list. You’ll probably do the same here, too.


2. You may not have read the content before commenting.


Title and the picture triggers interaction. People on social networks have very low attention span and the patience to read a story.

3. Personal experience, even if flawed, attracts more attention than scientific fact.

Experiences or beliefs, particularly negative ones, of others are accepted as truth by all. It is immaterial whether or not those experiences have any scientific explanation. The polio campaign in India struggled a lot because of this.

4. You despise research but love sharing knowledge even if from dubious sources.

Would you not quickly believe that something is bad because a social experiment says so? Would you bother going into the details of that what they call ‘bad’? What if it was all stage managed?

5. Biased posts get more views than objective analyses.

People love reading that what satisfies their perception of things than objective pieces debunking their view.

6. You may comment because it satisfies your ego or makes you feel better.

This is why there are more comments on titles that ask a question, and the posts that unnerves.

7. An easy answer is always preferred, even if it is wrong.

There may not be a single solution to a problem, but people will always insist that there is because it is easier to give one answer than go for details.

8. If you say “do your research”, it means you yourself have not done any.

Someone who is open to learn and teach will absorb any new information. Even if they reject a view, they’ll do so with credible facts. Those who simply tell you to “do your research” have no inclination to read.

9. You believe everything said by a prominent source.

You believe when an influential someone writes an editorial telling you that voting for a particular party would be wrong. But if the same is said by someone else, you’ll argue.

10. And you share that what makes you happy or secure, and not disturb you.

Cats and dog posts and videos are shared more because it makes people feel relaxed.

11. Sex sells. You know that.


This is the eternal truth of the Internet. Even if there is no relation of the article to that sexy picture of Sunny Leone, it would be clicked on by many. (Maybe you, too, arrived here because of that. See what I mean?)

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