Was social media responsible for Sunanda Pushkar’s tragic death?

3:00 pm 23 Jan, 2014

A few days prior to the tragic death of Sunanda Pushkar, an ugly drama unfolded itself on social media Twitter. Soon enough people were tagging and calling on their friends to check out the dirty linen of the Union Minister of India being washed in public. Putting Bollywood love triangles to shame, this drama took place at international level, crossing the LOC. Today, the nation stands shocked at the untimely demise of a fiery entrepreneur.  Are the people who giggled and had fun with the tweets that should not have been in public feeling guilty of being responsible for her death in some way? What was the role played by social media in the tragic death of a successful woman? Though it is not important whether social media was involved or not but only poignant that a beautiful life is lost, here are 5 points that justify the role of it in her death.

Political Twist

Sunanda Pushkar first came into limelight when Narendra Modi referred to her as “Shashi Tharoor’s 50-crore-rupee girlfriend”. She was discussed and embarrassed for political reasons in the media. In that drama her fault was of being in love with a politician. No one wanted to hear or know how she felt being called the 50 crore girlfriend; the name stuck. Since those days, people have followed her marriage to the Union Minister with great interest. No wonder, when the social media made public what by decorum should have been personal and private, the whole nation enjoyed and had fun with the tweets.

Was social media responsible for Sunanda Pushkar’s tragic death?

Who needs a private eye?

There were times when you had to hire a private eye to investigate suspicious movements about your spouse, but not anymore. Today, all you have to do is to hack into their social media account to find out all about their secret affairs with proof. Was the truth of what she found too much for her to handle emotionally? Was she better off not knowing her husband’s personal tweets? Was it too sudden and shocking for Sunanda to read the messages Tarar sent to her husband? Knowledge is great and human’s quest for truth is unquenchable, but there are times when we are better off not knowing the truth. The incident that followed proves the point. Moreover, when we read the text messages without looking the person and hearing their voice, our own interpretation plays a great role.

Was social media responsible for Sunanda Pushkar’s tragic death?

The Emotional Turmoil

By what Sunanda posted on twitter and what we hear about her last phone call, it is anyone’s guess that she was in a great emotional turmoil. Under normal conditions Sunanda, who had done business with flair at international level, would not go public attacking Tarar of being an ISI agent, who was stalking her husband. Shashi Tharoor claimed his account had been hacked, which was refuted by his wife. She also talked about divorce, before she and her husband together gave a statement stating they are happily married and there’s no trouble in their marriage. All this happened on twitter, with everyone watching them intently.

Was social media responsible for Sunanda Pushkar’s tragic death?

Effects of Social Media

Prior to the advent of social media, Sunanda Pushkar would have possibly lived her life quietly. She was not a star or sportsperson sought out by media for gossips. Internet sites like Facebook and Twitters have catapulted almost anyone to the status of being celebrities. People want to follow and read their pages and messages; especially if it involves something controversial and personal. Unfortunately, these very people missed to see the pain and suffering of a wife, as they made fun of her spellings and allegations. Even her close friends betrayed her and called her a foolish woman who was ruining things for herself and her family. There was no compassion or understanding for her turmoil from the people who were having blast with her blunder. These are the side-effects of being a celebrity on social network.

Was social media responsible for Sunanda Pushkar’s tragic death?

Fear of Consequences

We cannot be sure who was afraid, but there are clues that show fear of consequences that would follow the twitter drama. Sunanda was a fiery woman who was never known to suppress her laughter nor mince her words. It was visible with the posts she put on twitter and statements she gave to media that she was troubled at the time. But was she prepared to face the consequences once she calmed down? Was she ridden by guilt that she went public with the bizarre tweets which should have first been discussed in private? Mehr Tarar has reportedly threatened to file a defamation case against Sunanda Tharoor. Were the people involved scared of her revealing more serious truth? Was there more than just mistrust and alleged stalking of another woman? Now that Sunanda is no more, we may never know the truth.

Was social media responsible for Sunanda Pushkar’s tragic death?

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