So You Think You’re A Movie Junkie? Here’s 12 Movies You Have To Have Seen

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3:32 pm 4 Jun, 2016



1. ‘Fight Club’

A truly mind-fucking movie about one man’s fight against the world and his own alter-ego, this one’s a must-watch for anyone who likes good movies. Edward Norton and Brad Pitt are both brilliant in it, and it doesn’t hurt watching a bunch of people beating the living crap out of each other just for the helluvit! 


2. ‘Kill Bill’

One of the finest revenge sagas ever, ‘Kill Bill’ is a two-part murder marathon. It’s one woman against a gang of assassins, every last one at the top of their game. Uma Thurman’s fight against the Crazy 88, Gogo Yubari and Lucy Liu are almost poetry in motion. Beautiful stuff, this! 


3. ‘Pulp Fiction’

Drugs, guns, car chases, corpses. Tarantino knows his shit and knows how to deliver!


4. ‘Death Proof’

The story of one man’s ruthless misogyny. And his comeuppance! The last ten minutes of this one had me on my feet, cheering till my voice was hoarse. 


5. ‘American History X’

The story of two brothers and how their lives unfold and change, ‘American History X’ is so raw, so real, that it will shake you to your very core. It’s a story of hate, and of love, and of how one annihilates the other.


6. ‘Requiem For A Dream’

A beautiful, sad tale of wanting and not getting, of drug addled minds creating alternative realities because the one they’re in is more than they can handle. The story of dreamers getting crushed beneath the weight of their dreams.


7. ‘City Of God’

The marvellous tale of two boys who grow up in Cidade de Deus, a small town in Rio de Janeiro, ‘City of God’ has murder and mayhem galore. It is a good story cleverly told. 


8. ‘Snatch’

One-punch Mickey, Frankie Four Fingers, Brick Top, Turkish and Bullet Tooth Tony. When you’ve got characters with such interesting names, you know some sick shit is going to happen! This is, hands-down, my favorite Guy Ritchie movie ever. And the fact that it begins with four fake rabbis discussing a typo in the Bible? Priceless!


9. ‘The Departed’

A story of heroes and villains and the many guises they take, ‘The Departed’ is one of those movies that has you screaming at the screen, trying to warn the good guys that the bad guys are coming.


10. ‘Sin City’

Another revenge saga, this one is the story of one man’s mission to obliterate the people who killed the love of his life. There’s a lot of blood, a lot. And it looks spectacular in its use against an almost always black and white shot. Clever editing and a compelling storyline make ‘Sin City’ quite a movie. 


11. ‘Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels’

To me, this movie is like the ugly step-sister of ‘Snatch’, but then again, the ‘Snatch’ vs ‘Lock Stock…’ debate is unending. It’s got all your staple Guy Ritchie movie coolness, gambling, marijuana, geeks, antique firearms, the works. 


12. ‘Reservoir Dogs’

Bollywood was “inspired” by this one and made ‘Kaante’. But I say, why watch a cheap replica when the original is so good?!! 


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