Snowden Urges Obama To Pardon Him, Says He Is ‘Willing To Make Sacrifices’ For The US

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8:45 am 14 Sep, 2016


CIA whistleblower Edward Snowden on September 13 urged US President Barack Obama to pardon him and pleaded that what he did was morally “necessary”.

Snowden, who is a former US intelligence contractor, has been on the run for past three years, spending the time in exile in Russia.


Back in 2013, Snowden had initiated the largest data leaks in US history after he shined the light on mass surveillance that is being done by the NSA.

The leak had fueled a firestorm of an issue, with many coming out in protest against the issue of mass surveillance.


Talking to Britsih newspaper, The Guardian, Snowden said:


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He further pleaded that the things that may seem unlawful in letters, but when looked upon morally, ethically and from the results point of view would seem necessary

Snowden has got widespread support for what he did, said that the “public by and large cares more about these issues”.



Snowden’s Russian residency permit runs out next year and he said he is ready to spend time in US jail and “willing to make a lot of sacrifices” for his country.

In 2015 the White House had rejected a mass petition urging them to pardon Snowden. They at that time had said that Snowden should be “judged by a jury of his peers”.