This Snow Woman Bride Is The New Craze After DeepVeer’s Wedding

11:08 am 23 Nov, 2018


Bollywood and all its fans across the globe have been fawning over Deepika Padukone for days now. She recently married longtime boyfriend Ranveer Singh at Lake Como, Italy. For days the couple and their wedding was the center of attention across all social media platforms. But it seems like we have a new bride on the block who is set to push Deepika aside. We are talking about the snow woman bride aka Farah the snow Jatti.

No clue what we are talking about? Well, just read on what we have to say ahead. But before we explain more in words, let’s have a look at a picture for this snow woman bride.




Most of you must be familiar with the concept of making a snowman out of snow. Well, the story of the snow woman bride also began like this. Some kids from Brampton, Canada, created this desi snow bride whom they call ‘Saddi Juliet’.

A website quoted  Jassu Kingra from Brampton as explaining how the snow woman bride came into being:


“My friend Daljit [Waraich] came from India and it was her first winter here in Brampton! She called me and told me she wanted to build a snowman, and then she asked how to build it and I invited her over to our house.”


Jassu’s younger sisters Navi (15) and Bini (9) along with Daljit made this three-tier snow woman.

Jassu further added:


“We wanted it to be perfect because we wanted to post it on our social media sites. We always see regular snowmen…we wanted to add a traditional touch to it.”


They added some jewelry, makeup, and a bright red dupatta to their snow woman. They then uploaded the pictures of the desi snow bride onto their social media business accounts.

Check out the post below:



Soon their followers started noticing and reposting the pics. But the pics got the most traction after a follower, Isha posted it on her social media. She even gave it an interesting caption:



Isha’s tweet has garnered thousands of retweet, likes, and views. And ever since then the desi snow woman bride has become the new internet sensation. People from different parts have been giving the snow bride some really interesting names.

Check out some of the tweets about the Snow Woman bride below:


Someone called the snow woman bride, Barfjeet Kaur. LOL, right!



Loved it!




Well, the tweeple loved the snow woman bride aka Barfjeet Kaur. What about you?

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