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Delhi Police To Use Sniffer Dogs To Find Missing JNU Student Najeeb Ahmed

Published on 15 December, 2016 at 9:36 am By

Delhi High Court on December 14 ordered police to search the entire JNU campus, including hostels, classrooms and rooftops using sniffer dogs so as to find student Najeeb Ahmed.

The High Court also expressed concern over the fact that Najeeb has been missing for over two months without any clue.



Representational Image Emaze

Representational Image Emaze

The order was given by a bench comprising of justices G S Sistani and Vinod Goel, who asked Delhi Police to take all necessary steps that are to be taken with regards to using sniffer dogs without any further loss of time.

They also pointed out that there has been repeated delay in recording statements of some students who were suspected of thrashing him just a day before Najeeb disappeared.


The bench also asked Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and its student union, JNUSU, to file required affidavits within two days saying that they have no objection with the police doing a “thorough search” across the campus and that they will provide all assistance that is required by the police.

The court also told police that they are free to search Jamia Millia University if required, and added that they can seek permission in case they meet any resistance from the varsity or its students.


Jamia Millia University College Desk

Jamia Millia University College Desk

The bench added that it was not on a fact-finding mission regarding what JNU did wrong or right and that they are “only concerned with where he has vanished.”


The directions came after Najeeb’s mother Fatima made the habeas corpus plea to the court so as to find her son who has been missing since the night of October 14-15.

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