Snapdeal Draws First Blood; Starts Trolling Flipkart and Amazon Again

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 4:52 pm

While we enter the second day of the ‘big day’ sales, we also get to see the ugly yet hilarious side of the e-commerce industry where everyone is going all-out to outdo the other.

Last year, around this time, Snapdeal had trolled Flipkart with this hilarious ad in Times of India:


This year is no different with Snapdeal again trolling the big Indian “online sales” with similar ads.

After the kick-off of e-commerce mega sale this past Tuesday, people had to go through 8 pages of plastered ads on Times of India to be able to reach the front page with any news on it.

While this has now become somewhat common occurrence for TOI readers, the punch of this eight pages of ads came on the final page with Sanpdeal taking the first dig of the season at the other two Indian e-commerce players – Flipkart and Amazon.

While in the initial few pages Flipkart and Amazon merely strutted their stuff that were to go on sale that day, Snapdeal subtly put across its sales pitch while taking pot shot at its fancied rivals.

The ad read:

“You don’t need a billion offers to amaze you. You just need to snap the best ones. For the best offers this Diwali, shop only on Snapdeal.”

In fact they paid minute attention to the text too.

When you look closely, you notice the lettering and fonts used to deliver Snapdeal’s message.

And if you need more help, note the words ‘billion’, ‘amaze’ and ‘snap’.

‘Billion’ is written in a Flipkart’s logo font and colour. The word ‘amaze’ is an obvious representation of Amazon with their font, distinctive’z’ and orange colour.

This is not the first time that such ads have made news. Such rivalry has become common in the e-retailers’ industry.


While Snapdeal has drawn the first blood this “sale” around, the competition has just begun. With the massive sale season still on, it would be interesting to see how Amazon and Flipkart respond to Snapdeal’s blow.