Five Snapchat Tricks You May Or May Not Know About

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4:00 pm 6 Mar, 2016


Snapchat is like that underdog in the class you never knew would become Zuckerberg. No, really. It came silently, made space for itself and is now settled pretty comfortably. Even its updates don’t make much noise. They are like tiny little surprises packed on your photo-screen leaving you feeling like, ”Oh, you too!”

So this sheepish app doesn’t quite reveal a lot even when you upgrade. Chances are most of the times you discovered things on someone else’s snap. So, here we are with five tricks, you may or may not know.


1. You can use two filters at the same time

Oh yeah, absolutely! I have been annoyed at the fact that I can’t do both. I click a picture, put the time and I want to slap a B&W filter too – but I didn’t know I totally could.

All you need to do is, add the first filter you want and then hold it as it is with one finger and swipe left or right to choose another. There, the best of both the worlds!


2. You can save both your battery and data usage on Snapchat

Snapchat hogs on battery and user data like a wild bear. This is specially annoying when you are traveling and you really want to save on both of them.

Not many of us know about the ‘Travel Mode’. Go to your Snapchat camera, pull the icon down and tap on ‘Settings’. Scroll down, select ‘Manage’ and tick mark ‘Travel Mode’. This will not auto-download all the snaps at once, hence saving a lot of your data.


3. You can go back to your old favorite filter

Let’s admit it. We all have favorite lens filters- the puking rainbow one, the dog one or may be the water one. Unfortunately, Snapchat keeps switching them and with each upgrade, our favorite is replaced by a new one.

But if you are really keen on using an old favorite, just change your mobile phone’s date to the last time you upgraded it. Voila! Just remember to go change it as soon as you’re done Snapping.


4. Say more with more words


Isn’t it super-annoying when the text on your snap is not able to fit in that little, limited space? Things don’t just mean the same when I rephrase it to make it shorter. Worse is, when you’re almost there but that one letter of that word refuses to fit anywhere.

But then one day, I found a snap with quite a lot of text – more than the affixed 31 characters. Of course, I was envious and curious. So, here it is.

Select all the blank space on  any Note-taking application which lets you select few blank lines and copy to clipboard. Paste it in your text box on Snapchat and there you have it – unlimited text space.


5. ‘Best Friends’ are almost still in existence

Even though Snapchat did away with ‘Best Friends’ long time back, they came up with new emojis next to the Snapchatter’s name. While that left me confused for a long time, I finally got to know the breakdown of each emoji. So, while the world cannot see who’s your best friend, you can certainly know who’s yours!

Go to settings>manage>friends emojis. There, you have an entire list.


And just in case, the filters never seem enough – too bright or too dark, try this trick.


Here’s a video of it: