These 9 Snakes Who Died While Eating Their Prey Is Pure WTF Stuff

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5:54 pm 22 Nov, 2016

Snakes are one of the most dangerous predators in the world and it can be quite an ugly and frightening sight when you witness a snake attack. But do you know what’s even worse? It is when a snake fails gulps down his hunt and eventually, dies.

Here are the 9 fatal circumstances where snake died while eating their prey:

1. A rat eating python fought with another python and fight went so deathly that it completely swallowed the other snake.

Such a cannibalistic encounter!


2. A rock python ate a porcupine.

In June 2014, a four-meter African rock python was found dead under a rocky ledge at Lake Eland Game reserve in South Africa, after it swallowed a 30lb porcupine. It killed the insides of the snake with its spines.


3. You don’t mess with a centipede

A young viper tried eating a 4.8-gram mass centipede and centipede damaged all the internal organs of the snake. This incidence occurred in 2013 on the island of Golem Grad in Macedonia which is also known as the “Snake Island”.


4. Burmese Python ingested an electric blanket.

An 12-foot long pet Burmese Python named Houdini consumed an electric blanket along with his dinner. The snake owner,”He kept an electric blanket in Houdini’s cage to keep him warm because pythons can’t generate their own body heat.”

It took python 6 hours to swallow an 8ft and 60-pound electric blanket but fortunately, the snake survived as he was treated timely.


5. He ate like a pig. No wait, he ate one!

Neil McDougall, a resident in Julatten, Queensland found 4.5m long python dead near his home. Experts told that he swallowed a pig and died due to the failure of his internal organs.


6. A four-meter Burmese Python exploded when it almost gulped down a two-meter alligator in Florida.

This happened in October 2005, when the headless python with a protruding alligator from its midsection was found by wildlife researchers.


7. A snake died after eating a deer.

On October 27, 2011, a 16-foot long python was captured and killed by the South Florida Water Management District. It was one of the largest ever reptile found in South Florida who had eaten up a whole adult deer.


8. This snake binged on a pregnant ewe.

An 18-foot long python binged on a pregnant ewe, but it was too full to even move an inch, so it regurgitated it.

This incident took place in September 2006 in the Malaysian village of Kampung Jabor where the firefighters were called to remove the bloated python from the roadway.


9. A python who gulped down someone’s pet cat.

The house owner saw their dead cat’s body peeping out from the decomposed bloated body of the python.



Hunt gone wrong!


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