A Woman Caught Trying To Pass Ganja To Her Son In Jail Was Let Off Due To Red Tape

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6:10 pm 29 May, 2016


A 45-year-old woman from Chembukkavu, Lizy, was caught trying to pass a packet of ganja to her 21-year-old son, Sachin, by Viyyur Central Jail authorities.

The woman had planned to pass on the ganja to her son at the Juvenile Justice Board where Sachin had to appear in a case under the Juvenile Justice Act. She was unable to pass it to her son there, so she made her way to the jail.

Jail authorities had been informed that Lizy had passed contraband to Sachin in the past and were keeping an eye on her. They detained her when they found the ganja.


The jail authorities informed the excise officials who visited the jail but said they couldn’t press any charges as Lizy was actually trying to take the contraband item into the jail. Viyyur Police Station officials were then informed but they asked the jail authorities to bring the woman to the station.

As the jail authorities had neither female police constables to arrest her nor any authority to detain the woman without officially arresting her, they had to let her go.

By the time the police got there, the woman had been let off.



Source: TOI



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