9 Things Your Cigarette Reveals About You

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Updated on 7 Sep, 2017 at 2:36 pm

There are a bazillion different things you do (and how you do them) that speak volumes about who you are and how you take on the world. It started with Linda Goodman, and now we’ve reached a point where absolutely every facial twitch, every hair flick, in fact, even the Rh factor of the blood coursing through your veins says something about your personality.

This one is for all the smokers out there. Here’s what your cigarette reveals about you:

1. The Pickpocket: Insecure, afraid


2. Flippin’ The Bird: Couldn’t care less, bored


3. Thumbs Down: Intellectual, contemplative


4. The Pinky: Unreliable, weak, hard to live with, and a liar


5. The Pincer: Tense, direct, straightforward, stubborn


6. The Hand Puppet: Hearty, enjoys high living


7. Down Is Up: Daring, calculating, likes to play with fire


8. The Traffic Cop: Dreamer, always off on a tangent


9. The Buzzkill: Cautious, pessimistic