Smartphones Leak Privacy Data Of 40% Indians To World, CIA – Government

2:10 pm 1 Sep, 2017



Supreme Court of India may have elevated Right to Privacy into a fundamental right but Rajiv Mehrishi, who recently retired as Union Home Secretary, made a startling disclosure before a parliamentary panel that as many as 40% of people who use smartphones, knowingly or unknowingly, are sharing data with the entire world, something that even the USA’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is tapping into.

Senior Bureaucrat Rajiv Mehrishi The Indian Express

Appearing before the Parliamentary Standing Committee that is headed by the senior congress leader PC Chidambaram, then as the home secretary Mehrishi on July 21 had briefed the committee when questions about infringement of privacy by linking all data to Aadhar was being debated in the country.

Terming this sharing of mobile data by private operators as a violation, Mehrishi had revealed that CIA and the world had a complete record of all Indians who have their fingerprints and biometrics captured by the mobile phone companies operating in the country. And the number is as large as about 40 per cent of the total population.

He is also reported to have let the panel know that is America had set out a timeline to capture the data of all Indians by the year 2030. When asked if it would be total 100 per cent if all Indians have access to smartphones, Mehrishi voiced his reply in affirmation.

Furthermore, the discussion also saw Mehrishi talking about the perils of data theft through various applications, hinting certain applications can even gauge the movement of people throughout the day. Sources also reveal that Chidambaram, chairperson of the committee said that if the cellphones of two different people were in close proximity to each other, it might be concluded that both the people were in the same room. In fact, this is specifically how drone attacks are being carried out, was the response.

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