These 15 Things Have Become Antiques, Thanks To Our Smartphones

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11:04 am 7 Sep, 2016


How many times do you look at your smartphone in a day? 20? 30? 40? Maybe double this time. A new British research shows that young adults use their smartphone roughly twice more than the estimate they give. On average they use it for 5 hours in a day, or roughly 1/3rd of one’s total waking hours.

It is not just the growing need for data or social media interaction, but look closely and you’ll find there are so many things we do on a smartphone. It has eliminated the use of so many other small gadgets.

Let’s check out what all has become obsolete because of smartphones.

1. Telephone

We only need them when we run out of our mobile battery or balance. Also, these landlines don’t work anyways!

2. Calculator

When a calculator is just a fingertip away, why would anyone buy the whole gadget?

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3. Torch

When lights are off, using the flash application is far better than looking for a torch or lighting a candle.

4. Alarm Clock

Morning alarms are usually annoying and you feel like dashing your alarm clock away, but then, can you do the same with your pricey smartphone? Never!

5. Letters

Earlier, you had to spend days in anxiety till your messages were delivered to the right people. Now? send it on whatsapp, email, Facebook or via a simple text message.

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6. Maps

It’s better to carry a smartphone than using large, baffling roads maps to reach a destination. Thank God, someone invented Google map!

7. Menu cards

Home delivery from restaurants, no longer need a menu card, it is easily available on the apps.

8. Photo album

Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat provide amazing features to store all our photos at one place. Don’t worry about storage, just keep creating more memories.

9. Phone diaries

When a phone memory can store an unlimited number of contacts, then, phone diaries can rest in peace.


10. Notepad

A app that reminds you of everything you may forget over time. Why waste paper?


11. Stopwatch

This handheld timepiece has found its place as an app in all smartphones. The time of stopwatches is over!

12. Walkman

No more changing discs and CDs. No need for a USB, just download, add to a playlist and enjoy your music.


13. Newspaper

How many of us read newspaper everyday? We have the news app, and it keeps breaking latest updates every now and then.

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14. Camera

In the era of instant selfies, why keep a camera when a smartphone can give you a high-pixel image?

15. Radio

Just as videos killed radio star, smartphones have killed the radio receiver.

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16. Voice Recorder

Journalists, reporters, and anyone who wants to record voice, can simply do it on a smartphone. Why Carry a voice recorder


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