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10 Businesses Destroyed By Smartphones

Updated on 10 September, 2019 at 6:12 pm By

We never thought the mobile phone would impact our lives so much!


Everyone today has cell phones, be it your grandparents struggling to pick up calls (yaar.. aapse na ho paaye) or your kaam waali bai yelling at the top of her voice (aapki aawaz toh vaise hi chaand tak jaati he, phone liya hi kyon?).

The gadgets once introduced to make communication easy have become a necessity in today’s world. You are able to perform numerous tasks sitting at home with few clicks. Very well explains the increasing obesity rates, eh? But these mobile phones and their technologies have been destroying various other companies, as these pocket fitting devices have covered up almost every need, cramming multiple devices into one. Here are a few things that we once used when mobile phones were just used for dialling and picking up calls:

1. Wrist watches.

Carefully observed today’s generation? Nobody wears a watch; the cell phone does the job. But there are times when you feel you should have one on your wrist anyways.


Today's generation

“Sir, time kya hua?” idiva

2. Digi Cams.

Who would probably carry a 14MP digital camera when your smartphone gives you 12MP pictures? No jhan-jhatt of carrying two devices in your pockets. Baap ke paise kidhar rakhenge fir?


Digital camera

“Shi baba! Isme toh selfie bhi nahi le sakte theek se!” sony

3. Photo albums and photographers.


Looking at old photo albums, I sometimes wonder how the phone storage capacity has drastically reduced the efforts of developing a photo album, leading to a fall in the photography business. The only people keeping the camera business alive are DSLR Photographhy pages on Facebook.



“Main toh CANDID photos le raha tha behenji” weddingdocumentary

4. Newspapers, reference books and maps.

Nobody cares to even have a glance at reference books these days. Dictionary at home? Google kis liye banaya he? Internet on phones, newspaper and magazine apps; social media has even reduced the usage of newspapers. And an online map on each phone means you will never get lost as long as you have battery.


Reference books

“Raddi bechkar Chicken Soup piyenge.” bluegape

5. The Desktop.

Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Internet, Porn, what else do you need a desktop for? Almost all the features are now available on mobile phones which have minimized the use of desktops and laptops.



“That is not a Smiley. That is a powerful computer. About as powerful as 5% of your phone.” genius

6. Video Games.

Nobody cries for video games any more. How uncool is that? No cartridges, no new games bought from a selection of hundreds, no 64-in-1, no handheld video games, no TV connected video games, no nothing anymore. Today’s Wii and XBoxOne make you move around. Who wants to do that with a video game?


Mobile phones

“Battle Tank & Mortal Kombat were the days. Temple Run and Candy Crush are just filling up the void” gawkerassets

7. Landlines and PCOs.

You’re so not used to picking up landlines that even if the bell rings at your place, you think ‘Baaju waale ke ghar ka hoga’. But bachpan mein hamne toh landline ke dum par dostiyan banaayi thi!



“Hello uncle, Priya hain?” wikimedia

8. Telephone directories and diaries.

No worrying about pocket diaries getting wet in the rain or asking someone for a pen to write your friend’s number. The phonebook in the mobile phones has reduced the pains of maintaining telephone diaries and the additional features provided by it helps keeping the contacts synchronised…till you lose your phone! Facebook and Gmail means you no longer even need anybody’s number to get in touch with them.



“Haila! Tere paas Tina ka number bhi hai?” indiebazaar

9. Music players.

Who else remembers eyeing the next MP3 player and iPod when mobile phones didn’t provide music player and FM services? And today’s kids when offered iPods go all BLEHHHHH


MP3 player

“Hame toh bass iPhone ki aulaad chahiye” indiebazaar

10. Torch lights.

Flash light used for cameras can also be used as torch lights, eventually making it redundant to keep a separate torch light and the cost of batteries it runs on. But sometimes, forgetting to turn off your mobile light can get you in trouble.


Flash light

“Kya re? Ladkiyon ki photo nikalata he public mein? Maaro saale ko!” buzzfeed

The mobile phone has changed the way we live life, changed our priorities and generally sped up the clock. One minute you are browsing Facebook and the next, it is 2031.

What other industries do you think have gotten affected because the mobile phone took on roles it wasn’t supposed to?




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