This Israeli Company Is Making An App That Can Identify Just About Any Smell You Throw At It

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12:04 pm 28 Mar, 2018


Today, smartphones can do a lot more than what we had imagined a few decades ago. Apart from enabling you to talk to someone who is away, irrespective of the physical distance, smartphones also help you socialize, keep track of your fitness routine, keep a track of your emails, entertain yourself and others, all of this and a lot more with just a few clicks. And according to media reports, they will soon help you recognize smell too!




An Israel based start-up is working on developing a smartphone app which when used with a chip known as “scent recorder” will identify scent profile of the users. The technology will help users to select products such as perfumes, soaps, cosmetics etc., most suitable for them. In fact, the website of the company claims that it will do a lot more such as help users find out the quality of their medicines, detect drugs in prisons and even help its users find their pheromone match.



Hossam Haick, a professor at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology is the brain behind invention of the core science behind Nanoscent. CEO and co-founder of the company, Oren Gavriely said:

“Combining scent with technological innovation is something that hasn’t yet been explored or fully realized.”


Oren Gavriely. Nanoscentlabs


According to a report by the Times of Israel, the company named Nanoscent has already introduced the sensor separately and now plans to incorporate into devices such as smartphones. Depending upon the various smells it is exposed to, the sensor which is made up of nanoparticles emits different signals.




The technology makes use of interactions between the chemical substances emitted from body and the sensor to generate a specific pattern for each smell. Then, this data is used by the device to train its algorithm to determine different types of smells. According to the company, once ready, the technology would be the first that would be capable of enabling smartphones to have sense of smell.

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