Smart Vests To Turn Stray Dogs Into Street Watchers In Thailand

6:07 pm 7 Sep, 2017


An advertising agency in Bangkok, Thailand, has developed an ingenious ‘smart vest’ that raises concern for stray dogs by making use of their presence to maintain a 24×7 street vigil in the crime infested capital city.

A stray dog in Bangkok Our Life Unfolded

According to Reuters, the vest is equipped with a hidden camera and special sensors that transmit live streaming videos as and when the dog barks. The video presents the view of what the dog sees via mobile phones and a computer application.

There are a large number street dogs in the cities of Thailand and the developer came up with the idea of using these smart vests both as a concern for stray dogs as well as making use of their presence for keeping a watch on criminal activities in the city.

The smart vest project was launched in March and is on completion. The developer says the technology is in the final stages of testing before the vests can be introduced for community policing on trial basis.

According to Pakornkrit Khantaprap, 28, who is part of creative team that developed the smart vest concept at Cheil Advertising Agency.

It will make people feel that stray dogs can become night-watches for the communities.

The concept and the technology deployed was lauded by Martin Turner, managing director of Soi Dog Foundation, a Phuket based organisation that was formed over a decade ago to save stray dogs and cats across Thailand.

Soi Dog Foundation co-founder Dalley with some rescued dogs Dogster

Expressing his concern for stray dogs and cats, Martin Turner pointed out that animal abuse and cruelty was a daily story in the country. Thailand has even enacted an Animal Welfare Law, in 2014, which penalizes violators with a maximum two year jail term along with a fine of 40,000 baht (approx Rs 77, 300) for those convicted for maltreating animals but the law is flouted with impunity.

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