MIT-Microsoft Comes Up With A New ‘Smart Tattoo’ Technology That Can Control Your Phone

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3:36 pm 15 Aug, 2016


A group of PhD students from MIT Media Lab and Microsoft researchers have come up with a temporary wearable tattoo that can be used as a touchpad.

This tattoo can be used to remotely control one’s smartphone or even share data using NFC.


Talking about the technology on their website, MIT said it is called ‘DuoSkin’ and added that it will be presented in full at a wearables symposium next month.


Giving a little more detail, the Microsoft researchers added that one can design a circuit using any graphic software and stamp out the tattoo in gold leaf (which is conductive to electricity).


skin tattoo

One can then apply other commodity materials and components to this tattoo that would make it more interactive.

The MIT paper also presents three key use cases of this tattoo;

  1. It can be used to turn one’s skin into a trackpad;
  2. One can design it to change color based on temperature;
  3. One can pull data from this tattoo.

With this technology, one can simply this as a regular temporary tattoo and remove it once the work is done.


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