12 Reasons Why Smart Phones Are Not Making Us Smart Anyway

8:00 pm 24 Jun, 2015

Just like too much of anything is dangerous, too much usage of smart phones in the contemporary world has simply led people into becoming dumber. Most of us can’t live a day or even a few hours without our smart phones, which clearly indicates how dependent we are on them. It has become more like a remote control in charge of our lives. Our day starts with it and ends on the same note too. So here’re 12 reasons why smart phones are not making us smart in anyway.

1. You are a slave!

You eventually become your smart phone’s slave as you simply rely on it for almost everything and your life revolves around it.


2. Exploring is just meant to be done on the internet.

Exploring means busy chatting on Whatsapp or uploading pictures on social networking sites rather than exploring new places or knowing your surroundings.


3. Everything’s just a click away.

Which is why you don’t take the initiative to use your brains and knowledge to find out information.


4. But first lemme take a selfie!

It’s been said by psychologists that taking too many selfies is a mental disorder.


5. You eventually become ‘cell-fish’.

All day you just spend hours together checking updates and apps. You don’t end up giving time for your near and dear ones as you are such a busy person thinking of your own profile on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


6. Stupid apps make up the smart phone.

People get engaged in playing or using good for nothing apps and games that simply waste time and money. And the best part…it gives you nothing!


7. The virtual world is your actual home!

By now you have shifted to the virtual world as you spend the least time in the real world.


8. Virtual four square meals a day!

You have Whatsapp messages, Facebook posts, likes and comments, Instagram posts and Twitter tweets for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


9. 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 = calculator!

You don’t feel like using your brains when the answer is just a click away on your smart phone. Your brain needs exercise too!


10. Project and important work is on the PC.

You would prefer preparing your projects and assignments on your PC or laptop rather than your smart phones. So it’s the computer that makes you smarter.


11. Ping me!

Even if you are in the middle of something really important or working and your phone rings or pings you don’t have the patience to complete your work as curiosity kills you.


12. Your smart phone is your first love.

People easily get addicted to it and concentrate their entire life on that one piece of technology while there are so many better things to do.


Yes, you are probably reading this on a smartphone! And I know you are not going to learn anything from this anyway. What’s that? A ping! 


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