This Story Of A Slum Girl Tells Us Why We Shouldn’t Judge People

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4:12 pm 31 Dec, 2015

We often judge people on the basis of their clothes, social class, ethnicity and age, among other things. But, is that right? What about the individuality of the person?

A story of a girl, who lives in the slums of Dharavi, posted by Humans of Bombay, throws light on why we shouldn’t judge people by their mere appearance.

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“I don’t like when people start talking to me in Hindi only because I’m from Dharavi. When they talk to me in Hindi, I…

Posted by Humans of Bombay on Tuesday, December 29, 2015


 The girl, who appears to be in her teen, is from Dharavi (near Mumbai), one of the largest slums in the world. A city within a city, it is one unending stretch of narrow dirty lanes, open sewers and small huts.

This multi-religious and multi-ethnic slum has a population of around 1 million.


The girl from Dharavi HOB

The girl from Dharavi


The teen complains that she doesn’t like when people judge her because of her place and start talking to her in Hindi.


Representational Image xinyigse

Representational Image

When she is met with such behaviour, she replies them back in English.

She said:

“I reply in English because I go to school and I’m educated.”



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She hopes that someday she will write a novel and sell it all over the world to convey an important message.


Dream of being a writer agalincity

Dream of being a writer


She believes that despite getting raised in a slum, children from that area can get educated, speak English and make a mark for themselves.


Don't judge anyone. ekaristi

Don’t judge anyone


And that’s true. Even though Dharavi is a slum, its literacy rate is 72 percent, higher than national average literacy rate.

In addition, the area has a low crime rate, and is home to many pottery, textile and recycling industries. The annual turnover of these industries is estimated at over $500 million.


Pottery is a significant industry in Dharavi awesomestories

Pottery is a significant industry in Dharavi



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