Kareena Kapoor’s First Slam Poetry Is Hard-hitting, And Every Woman Will Agree

2:20 pm 25 Nov, 2018


Known for her sassy attitude, there is no doubt that Kareena Kapoor is one such B-town celeb who speaks her mind openly. Those who love this feisty actress will be glad to know that she is going to launch her own radio show. Maybe she was inspired by her close friend Karan Johar, but we are glad she will be on the air. This story is not about the show, but the slam poetry by Kareena Kapoor which she read at the launch.

Titled ‘What Women Want,’ this slam poetry by Kareena Kapoor is about women shamming. In her poetry, she spoke about the pressure that a modern-age woman experiences in this society. Her words reflected the thoughts of thousands of women across the nation.




Wondering what she said? Well, here is the video for you. A mix of English and Hindi, this poetry certainly hits the right chord.



She spoke about the society’s insatiable desire to label every woman on anything they do. Not only body-shaming, but women are judged on their relationship status too. She talks about the ways women have to crumble to the pressure of society’s expectations. Though Kareena fumbled at the start, later she picked up the pace quite nicely.



Naturally, the netizens were all praises and here’s what they said:



Netizen reaction on Kareena Kapoor Slam poetry 3



However, there were also those who killed the whole point of the poetry by taking a dig at her personal life.






What is your take on this slam poetry by Kareena Kapoor? Why don’t you share your thoughts on the comments section? Want to enjoy the taste of other slam poetry too? Check this out!