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Some Mumbai Skyscrapers Do Not Have Floor No.13. You’d Be Surprised To Know The Reason

Published on 26 December, 2016 at 7:47 pm By

According to popular belief no.13 is unlucky. If you think this is just a personal superstition of few people in India, think again!

Mumbai, a city of urban means and fashion, has many skyscrapers and hotels which do not have the 13th floor.


The iconic Trident Hotel at Nariman point, Hoechst House at Nariman Point, Maker Chambers and Atlanta Hotel do have floor no.13 but it is closed.

 no floor 13


Many interesting stories surround the superstition. Paranormal activity in rooms at floor no 13 such as ghost sighting, corridor and bathroom tick-ups are just few reasons.


ghost sighting



There is proof suggesting that it is Indians are not the only ones who have this no.13 superstition.

Otis Elevator confirmed that 85 per cent of US buildings with more than 13 floors skipped the unlucky number. Incidentally, this American company pioneered the concept of ‘safety elevators’.

In the West, the number is associated with bad luck and misfortune. But according to Hindu beliefs no.13 is a very auspicious number. According to Hindu calendar, the 13th day is Trayodashi – day of Lord Shiva.


However, aping the West

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