12 Skills To Pick Up During College

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10:00 am 22 Feb, 2016

After college you aren’t going to have any time to pick up too many new skills. As you go through life, you are going to wish you had learned things when you had insane amounts of time – college assignments, homework, exams and birthday parties notwithstanding.

Here is a list of skills to pick up during college time that will make you really cool in later life. If you pick up these during school, even better.

1. Cooking

All cool people cook. Period. If you don’t know how to cook anything but Maggi, you are going to be dependent on someone else throughout your life. It’s a life skill, you don’t have to like it.


2. Networking

The one thing that makes people successful in life is networking. Knowing people, knowing how to get work done is the single most important thing you can learn how to do. Even if you are an introvert.


3. Conflict resolution

The earlier you start learning to resolve conflict the better suited to life you will be.


4. Time Management

Like I said, if you think you are busy in college, wait till college ends. You will be forced to learn time management.


5. Saving and investment

Shh… It’s a secret. If you know what to do with money, you will end up making much more money.


6. Vehicle Repair

Whether you are going to commute from home to work or going to be the next big traveler, knowing basic maintenance of a vehicle is a must – if only to not get fleeced by your garage mechanic.


7. Computer maintenance

If you can find a job or business that will let you work without computers, you are living in La La Land. Know how to take apart a computer and its software. Know what are viruses and worms are and where they come from. You’ll save hours not having to wait for repairs and data recovery.


8. First aid

For the life of me, I don’t know why they don’t teach this in school. Don’t wait for them, though. Go ahead, learn it on your own. You might save someone’s life or your own one day.


9. Written communication

The second most important thing after networking. An impressive email beats whatever maska-patti you can do for your boss.


10. Martial arts

Better than just going to the gym or learning a sport, a martial art will teach you not only to defend yourself, but it will teach you discipline as well. Avoid the local gym kick boxing classes and go where they are serious about the martial arts.


11. Music

If you don’t know how to sing/play an instrument, you are going to curse yourself throughout your life. Learn while you can.


12. Dance

This one is more important than it seems. Take a few dance classes, get in touch with your own body. Dancing as a social skill is centuries old. Don’t miss out on it even if you feel like an idiot doing it.

Skills during college


Take my word for it and just learn all these skills in college. If you are already out of college, take heart, make time and learn these one by one.



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