The Case Of Parents Who Want Mercy Killing For Their Six Children Will Move You To Tears

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5:00 pm 1 Jun, 2015


Hailing from Agra, Tabassum and Mohammed Nazir, parents of six children, want mercy killing for them as they are suffering from a rare neurological disorder, reports The Indian Express.

The children were all born normal, but by the time they turned 4 or 5, they stopped walking, by 8-10, they stopped crawling, and by 15-16, they became bedridden. Some doctors say they suffer from cerebral palsy, others say it is something else. Some say it’s curable, others say it’s not.


Mohammed Nazir, 42, father, earns Rs 250 a day. He says he does not have the means to take care of his children anymore. He wrote a letter on May 22 to the District Magistrate of Agra, the President, the Prime Minister and the UP Chief Minister, asking them to either sanction the mercy killing of the children or take responsibility for their treatment.


The 36-year-old Tabassum, who has not had a moment of relief for 14 years, said:

“I am a mother. How can I even say or think that I want my children to die? But I am helpless and endorse my husband’s plea. I have given up my life for my kids. I don’t go out anywhere. I have not been to a social function, be it a wedding, death, or birth, in years. I did not even attend my siblings’ weddings. I have no grand dreams for my children. All I want is that they lead normal lives like other children — go to school, eat and drink on their own, play, go to work. My children are beautiful, they have lovely green-blue eyes. They are also intelligent. They know what’s happening around them.”



Watch the video to know the condition of their lives:



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