7 Sitting Positions And What They Reveal About Your Personality!

Updated on 18 Apr, 2018 at 3:43 pm


Are you sitting now? If no, then next time you sit down, do notice the position! The way you sit reveals a lot about your personality. Be it in your office chair, home couch, or floor there are certain traits about your personality that can easily be pointed. Eager to know what it says about you? Read on to learn more!

1. Cross-Legged




Sitting cross-legged on the floor means that you have a carefree nature and open to most of the things in life. If your knees are spread to the side then that signifies you are physically open to new experiments. This flexibility also seeps into your emotional nature.

2. Straight



Sitting straight is the sign of being confident. Also, it indicates that you are a reliable person with a strong nature. You are the one to whom everyone turns for help or comfort. However, there is no harm in letting go of your seriousness and having fun at times.

3. Reclined



If you often find yourself leaning back on your arms then that is the sign of your analytical mind. You observe everything but think carefully judging pros and cons before getting involved. Moreover, you are often very aware of other people’s emotions which makes you a considerate person.

4. Crossed ankles



This is a relaxed and regal position. It means that you are a born queen/king who carries themselves graciously. However, at the same time you are very down-to-earth who helps in the creating confidence in others.

5. Arms Crossed



Besides confidence and strength, it also shows defensiveness. This position shows that you are always thoughtful and serious along with being naturally analytical. However, at the same time, you need the assurance to feel protected.

6. Hands Resting on Lap



Your hand on the lap indicates that you have a calm manner and very collected in your thoughts. It means you are shy and sensitive along with the quality of being humble. Overall, this sitting habit indicates you are a compassionate and gentle person.

7. Kneeling



This is not at all an easy position, sitting like this generally means someone is helpful and being assertive. It also indicated you are a natural leader and good a problem-solving.


What is your sitting positing? Don’t forget to share with us.

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