13 Things All Girls Must Do Before Getting Married

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Updated on 29 Nov, 2015 at 8:09 pm

You’ve probably come across married women who can’t stop obsessing over the way single girls live their lives. Though they might try to excuse it as shock or disapproval, there’s usually a good amount of jealousy involved. These ladies were so focused on getting married, that they didn’t bother exploring the single life and now burn in envy. You don’t want to end up like that, do you?


1. Go on a trip alone

Whether to Italia or Kerela, a solo trip is a great way of getting to know yourself. It’ll help you know how good (or bad) you are at handling the unexpected curves that life throws at you.


2. Wear whatever the fuck you want to

You’ve always wanted to try retro but didn’t have the guts to. Or you’ve always wanted to try some slutty outfits, but are bothered about what people will say. Try out all the fashion trends you want to.


3. Explore your kinks

So you have a fantasy of tying a guy down and whipping him or you wonder how it would feel to have chocolate poured over you and licked off – explore that before you tie up with someone who cringes at the thought.


4. Make a lot of good friends

By ‘good’ friends, we mean those sort of people who’ll stick by you even when your life gets hectic with the added responsibilities of marriage. Learn to rely on them and have them rely on you.


5. Get a weird hair color/style

Or a whole bunch of weird colors. Go baby pink or shades of the rainbow; or get it cut some bold style that you’ve been thinking of for a while but haven’t had the guts to try. Rebel against yourself for a bit.


6. Go on lots of dates

You won’t know what to look for in a guy if you rely on romance books and movies to give you an idea of it. You have to go on lots of dates to see what you’d be okay with in a partner and what you’d hate.


7. Cook awesome meals for yourself

Most of the time, if girls are asked to pamper themselves, they think of spa days and shopping, but cooking yourself nice three course meals can be a way of pampering yourself. And it’s the kind of pampering you can do often.


8. Blow cash on frivolous stuff

Let responsibility come later. Buy that new gadget, that pricey dress, that cosmetic item that you know is kind of out of your price range – learn to indulge in the lighter side of yourself from time to time.


9. Live alone

Nothing teaches you responsibility like being totally responsible for yourself. Pay your rent, pay your bills, get your stuff repaired, manage your own meals and learn to be at peace with yourself.


10. Figure out your anatomy

Seriously, if you don’t know where your bits and pieces are, you can’t guide anyone else to make you ‘happy’. Know your sensitive zones, your erogenous zones and your ‘stay  the hell away’ zones.


11. Figure out your likes and dislikes

It’s pointless thinking you can party all night long when you need to sleep by 10 or that you’d love to cook for a party of twelve people when you get stressed out under pressure. Make sure you you really know yourself instead of having a general idea of who you are.


12. Know your limits

Many girls think going with the flow is a good way to live, but those who do that can get irritable because they end up in situations they just don’t like. You should get to know what kind of situations you’d like to stay away from forever.


13. Let yourself go a little

Women are expected to be turned out well all the time. Hide those grays, thread those brows, wax those arms and legs, moisturize the hell out of their skins. It’s a life of constant pressure; give yourself some time to just be – even if that means having skin you can scratch messages on.