An Effective Dengue Vaccine Has Been Developed. It Works Against All Four Serotypes

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7:08 pm 19 Mar, 2016


What comes as a good news for the world, US researchers have found a single dose vaccine for dengue.

The deadly infection which afflicts millions of people across the world has claimed thousands of lives in India over the last few years. (2)



Last year alone nearly a lakh (99,913) people in India were affected by dengue – more than double the number of cases in 2014.

The biggest advantage the new vaccine has is the clinical trial has given promising results and in a single dose.




It was hard to find a vaccine for dengue as the disease can be caused by any of four virus serotypes. The vaccine should thus be tetravalent to all four strains – provide equal protection against all serotypes.

Dengue causes high fever, rash and joint pain. It may also cause serious diseases, sometimes leading to death.




Dengue is a global concern with nearly 40% of the world population being at risk of contracting the infection. Dengue is a viral infection is spread by mosquitoes mostly in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world.



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