Singer Slammed Miss Malini For Ignoring Her Interview At IIFA And The Fight Became Uglier With More Tweets

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6:57 pm 18 Jul, 2017


Famous Bollywood blogger, Miss Malini, was at IIFA 2017 to capture some good moments of the ceremony for her show. Unfortunately, things became ugly because of her own behavior.

Miss Malini with Shraddha Kapoor at IIFA 2017 Green Carpet. indiablooms


It all began when Miss Malini mistook Armaan Malik for Amaal Mallik.  



And soon, a trail of complaints started flooding Twitter. It was disappointing that the ones who complained were all singers. Bollywood singers already complain about the lack of exposure and it’s bad to see that the media itself fails to acknowledge their efforts.

Talking about the disparity between actors and musicians that prevails in Bollywood, singer, Aditi Singh Sharma tweeted about Miss Malini’s mistake:


Even when Miss Malini apologized, Aditi gave her a suggestion.


This was enough to make Neha Bhasin, of ‘Jag Ghoomeya’ fame, explode on Twitter. She not only called Miss Malini a “wannabe” but also posted a series of tweets complaining about her rude behavior at IIFA 2017 Green Carpet.


Neha lashed out her and exposed the hypocrisy that goes on behind the camera.


To which the blogger replied,


Miss Malini’s reply made the spat uglier. Rejecting Malini’s offer, Neha said,


And she retaliated saying,


To which, the exposed blogger replied,


This showed the double standards of the industry. Hope this comes out as a lesson for the media. Singers are no less than actors, they need equal respect and people should understand this.



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