Simmba Trailer Leaves Nothing To Imagination! Makes You Question Its Logic-less Plot And Predictable Outcome

5:17 pm 3 Dec, 2018


Bang and boom! Rohit Shetty is back with his latest production Simmba. If the action film lovers of Bollywood are anticipating something amazing, then you will be faced with an Everest-sized disappointment. Yes, Simmba trailer is out and we can’t comprehend the fact why the filmmakers keep on serving us with the stale films over and over. Backed by a logic-less plot and over-repeated screenplay, this is a film that will surely squash any expectation that you have for its success. Wondering how we can say so much from just the Simmba trailer?

If you see this almost 3 minutes video then the thing that you will certainly do is roll your eyes hard. The plot is more predictable than Rahul Gandhi trolling himself at every speech he gives. See for yourself!




As the story goes,  Simmba is an orphan boy from a village who wants to be a police officer. Guess the village where he was born? Well, the same one where DCP Bajirao Singham took birth. Naturally, he grows up to be a corrupt one. Duh! You should have guessed it. How can he grow up to be good when the Shetty’s previous hero Singham was an epitome of honesty? Moving ahead, Simmba’s unethical nature takes a 360 degrees turn when his munhboli behan is raped and killed. How original!



Though I am itching to lash out at the director and producers (obviously, Karan Johar’s Dharma production) but the real idiots are us. Yes, we are the fans who should be blamed because it’s us who so happily take part in this marathon which produces films that are old and senseless.



Have we ever stopped to think why this kind of garbage is dished out under big banners and with stars as the cast? Nope!  We just love to see the ghisa pita movies with dolled-up beauties and buffed up heroes. Oh, not to forget the blowing up of cars and mindless fights.



You know what is the irony in all this? During an interview about his craze for making such big-budget films Rohit Shetty said:

“I drive an expensive car and live a luxurious life and that has come from the love, support of common people. A middle-class man, who is playing 10per cent of his hard-earned money to watch my film, is making me a rich person. So just to prove a point for my creative satisfaction, I cannot cheat on my audience.”



In case you haven’t noticed Mr. Shetty, you are cheating your audience. You are cheating them of the chance to enjoy something which might be considered as good cinema. The amount of money spent on a film like Simmba  could easily cover the budget for some other worthy film.



After seeing Ranveer Singh smashing the role of Alauddin Khilji, I was expecting him in a better role. Sadly, what the fans will get is Simmba! Not to forget the stink of nepotism is really high with Sara Ali Khan as the lead actress. As for the villain, Sonu Sood is there as the cherry on the top of a nicely decorated but stale cake.



Judging by the dialogues in the trailer, you can easily forget about them being the ones that will be etched in your minds.



The trailer of Simmba is basically the whole film itself. Unless there is some amazing twist, which I seriously doubt, this film will just be another addition in the below-average movies list of Bollywood. The netizens didn’t hold back their comments on Simmba trailer. Want to know what they wrote?








While stalking … err… exploring Ranveer Singh’s Instagram handle I stumbled upon a video. Frankly, I liked this video more than Simmba trailer:


Now, if you are a die-hard fan of Rohit Shetty or Ranveer Singh then you might be tempted to defend the trailer of Simmba. If not, then you will certainly have other views. What are your views? Let us know in the comments below.


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