Is There Any Similarity Between Characters Of Mahabharata And Game Of Thrones?

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1:17 pm 30 May, 2016


Like Mahabharata, many in the GOT universe want to sit on a throne (Hastinapur = Iron Throne?) and are ready to kill off any competitor. Like Mahabharata, there are heroes, villains, pusillanimous minds, resolute women, righteous men, connivers, strategists and great teachers in the GOT universe.

But are the characters in the two anywhere similar? In a video, Epified drew parallels between the characters of Game of Thrones and India’s great epic the Mahabharata.

Yes, Arya displays Arjuna-like traits. She’s focused, has only one objective and loves her family the most. And she has a teacher.


Jon Snow is like Karna – a brooding, lonely guy separated from his family. But unlike Karna, he knows his lineage.



This one fits.


Yudhisthira and Ned Stark did lose a lot. (And we are yet to know whether Stark was really virtuous or not.)


Can Draupadi be compared with Margaery Tyrell and Kunti with Daenerys Targaryen?


And how can Tyrion Lannister be like Krishna?


Fans of GOT and the Mahabharata have pointed out that though the characters do share some traits, the Mahabharata is something on an entirely different level.


What do you think? Watch this video and let us know in comments.