‘Zinda Hai, Maaro’: New Videos Raise More Questions About Encounter Of SIMI Terrorists

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2:51 pm 1 Nov, 2016

Two new videos have emerged, prompting questions on the official version of the alleged encounter of SIMI activists.

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In these videos, it was clear from the conversation of Madhya Pradesh Police and STF that one suspected terrorist was alive and was shot again.

“Zinda Hai, Maaro [he is alive, shoot him], a policeman is heard saying in one of the mobile phone videos that emerged after the killing of eight terror suspects. Following this a STF jawan fires at a SIMI activist lying on ground. Then someone utters an abusive word. Someone is also heard saying that “don’t fire now.”

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In one video a SIMI man in blue shirt shows movement in his hand, but then another voice said: “Put one in the chest… He will die”.

Questions have been raised about why unarmed fugitives were shot dead despite wanting to surrender. However, a top police officer asserted that the men had fired at policemen.

Inspector General Yogesh Choudhury also claimed that three policemen were injured, but with sharp weapons.



In an earlier video, the fugitives were seen standing and waving at a distance while a policeman says: “Five men are trying to talk to us. Let us surround them.” The police were then seen shooting at them.

Soon after the incident, Digvijaya took to Twitter to ask whether prisoners escaped or they were made to escape as part of a plan. The Congress, the Left parties and other Opposition parties joined in unison in questioning the veracity of the accounts given by the state police.


However, the ruling BJP government in Madhya Pradesh congratulated the police over the alleged encounter of eight SIMI activists.

Accusing other parties of vote bank politics, chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Tuesday said, “Those who seek proof for the martyrdom of jawans will not recognise the sacrifice of the prison guard Ramashankar Yadav.” He also declared a compensation sum of Rs 10 lakh for Yadav’s family, Rs 5 lakh for his daughter’s wedding, and added that a colony will be named after him.

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Meanwhile, intelligence agencies have warned that the encounter may be used by underground cadres of SIMI to instigate Muslims against the BJP governments at the Centre as well as in Madhya Pradesh.

Reports suggest that SIMI may attempt to turn sections of of Muslims against the Modi and Shivraj Singh Chouhan government and create communal tension.

The Union Home Ministry has sought a detailed report from the Madhya Pradesh government on the jail break whether there was any lapse on the part of the jail administration and the steps taken to avoid such incidents.

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