12 Absolutely Ridiculous RTI Petitions Filed In India That You Need To Know About

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Updated on 23 Jun, 2016 at 1:24 pm


The basic objective of the Right to Information Act (RTI) is to empower the citizens, and promote transparency and accountability in the working of the Government. According to The Central Government, RTI will be an obstruction in its smooth working. Hence, it informed The Supreme Court that the Government can not bring themselves under RTI. The Supreme court has also argued that political parties are not “public authorities” so they cannot be treated as an institution.

All this was declared when a NGO filed a petition  to declare political parties as public authorities to bring them under RTI. In the era of internet and in a country where a person can be jailed because of some posts on social media, political parties have simply asked for opacity for themselves and transparency for others.

Right To Information Act is a platform for the citizens where they can  file a petition and ask for any information from any “public authority”. Here are some hysterically funny petitions filed by the citizens which will put all your facial muscles to work.


1. In the year 2010, an application asked for the details of tobacco habits of an MCD officials.

Oh! So there’s where all the tobacco goes.


2. In 2014, the Election Commission of India was asked, by a political activist, why the symbols used in voting machines were black and white and not colorful.

Bro, they are afraid of  the colorblind! 


3. A petition filed by a man asked the Prime Minister’s office if ‘achhe din’ have indeed arrived.

We all are still waiting for our ‘achhe din’, aren’t we?

4. In February 2008, a UP girl asked the National Human Rights Commission why the ladoos she sent to George W Bush on Rakshabandhan never reached him. She also requested the commission take appropriate action.

Bhaiya mere rakhi ke bandhan ko nibhana! This Rakshabandhan let’s go and save ladoos.


5.In October 2009, a man sought information on the number of fans and tube-lights fitted in residential quarters.

Duniya ka sabse bada vella award goes to… any guesses?



6. An application from Punjab University asked for the price of time according to famous Indian scriptures the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Main samay hoon! We all remember this famous dialogue, right?


7. A 9-year-old boy forced the police officers in his RTI application to file an FIR for his lost bicycle.

Like really! I sometimes feel pity for our police uncles.


8. A citizen filed a petition asking what undergarments can be worn before the Prime Minister.

Yeh andar ki baat hai! 

9. A man filed a petition against AXE deodorants, stating that he waited for hours for the women to jump on him. Not a single one came.

Poor guy. You really should try something else dude. Ummm…may be a little bit of confidence?


10. In May 2010, a man from Hyderabad sought details of Andhra Pradesh’s governor’s visits to temples in a day.

Nothing wrong man. The governor should visit temples at least once a day and pray for the healthy living and working of the state. No one will but bhagwaan will surely do something for it. 


11. Kajol was sued by a lawyer from Nagpur for not being fair and promoting a fairness cream.

Soon Fair n Lovely will release tablets for expecting mothers so that the child they give birth to will be white as milk. Problem solved!

12. An old man from Gujarat requested the Tamil Nadu government to provide him information on any government official life partner.

This man needs to meet Digvijaya Singh! Or he can just go to shaadi.com 

 Source: indiatoday.intoday.in