7 Reasons Why Silence Is The Most Beautiful And Painful Thing In Love

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9:12 pm 22 Mar, 2016


‘Silence’ is a word which keeps bothering us all through the day but never finds its voice. When in love, you unconsciously talk with your better half more without words than verbally because in silence, you can scream out your deepest emotions without someone judging it. But sadly, that scream gets lost in haze.

Here are the reasons why silence is the most beautiful yet painful thing in love:

1. Caring for and blessing someone you love happens best in silence.

You texted her ‘Take care’ with kiss emoticons but these two alluring words could never convey the weight of emotions you stored in your heart. After a while, the conservation ended,  your words lost their grace in her chat-window. Later, you cared for her in silence that multiplied eternally.


2. Silence can hide everything, yet speak everything.

Your mobile felt paralyzed when the two of you shut down your romantic war of words and for a second, you could hear each other’s silence, saying what you really wanted to say.


3. It is difficult to understand silence just as love.


Love has no language and silence has no words. It takes time to realize whether it is really love or not, in the same way, it is hard to understand what the other person really felt for you in that quietness.

4. The person you remember in silence is the one you really want to be with.

On that lonely Valentine’s Day night, you had nothing but a few Valentine’s messages and a bottle of wine to complete you. You remembered her in every breath and she, hopefully, silently sensed it.


5. Words enveloped in silence destroy relationships.

Sometimes, silence becomes too burdensome to consume and the unspoken words are too impatient to come out, then relationships have no meaning but just a anonymous identity.


6. Silence is the truth of all the puzzled theories of love.

You consulted the best relationship counselors and talked to your friends but the solution never emerged. Whether to be with her or not is not dependent on what others think, it is decided by the tranquility residing in your heart.

7. Silence makes you talk to someone without uttering a word.

Words are figures; silence is the background. Words come and go; silence remains. If you love a person, you would not like to chatter all the time, you would love to hold their hand and just be. If you chatter, that means you are avoiding the person — love is not really there.