Video Of Sikhs Allegedly Demanding Khalistan Along With Pakistanis Is Going Viral

Updated on 4 Nov, 2017 at 5:32 pm


For several years, the Sikh community has raised their voices and opinions for having their own ‘land of the pure’ – Khalistan. They have even proposed which all areas must fall in Khalistan, including parts of Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh. Though Punjab is the homeland for Sikhs for more than two centuries, their demands in the wake of Khalistan Movement seems to be irrelevant considering the present scenario.


Sonam Mahajan recently shared a video in which aides of Simranjit Mann (brother-in-law of Punjab CM Amarinder Singh) along with what the user calls “Pakistanis”, can be seen shouting slogans demanding Khalistan and calling Hindus “Bandar Sena”.

Mann, the president of Shiromani Akali Dal (Simranjit Singh Mann), is a two time MP. A Twitter handle which claims to be his official account had tweeted the same video on September 25.

In no time the video divided Twitter users into two groups. People started sharing their views on what Khalistan means to them.
















The politics behind Khalistan has been widely criticized over the last few decades. Many have called it a movement which emerged out of a few angry minds.

The Sikh community is one of the most respected minority communities in India. It is atrocities against them during certain periods which created a sense of separatist mindset in some. But remember the number of terror attacks which took place in the wake of Khalistan Movement and killed hundreds of innocents? Often termed as the “battles for righteousness”, these have not only ruined families but even generations.



Punjab insurgency ending in part with the Operation Blue Star, Operation Woodrose, and 1987 and 1991 Punjab killings will always remain the bloodstained newborns of the Khalistan Movement.


Picture of the Golden Temple (Amritsar) during operation Blue Star.

The present-day government is highly nonpartisan and fosters consensus amongst people. Time and again many Indian Sikh political leaders have been hailed in the highest of statures, the greatest example is that of former prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, who led the nation for 10 consecutive years.


Blood only causes blood, and unwanted revolutions like the ones mentioned above can only cause distress and disruption in society. They must not only be denounced but should always remain at the backseat, especially in times when our country needs to unite and fight against other major issues of terrorism and poverty.

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