Sikh Men Offering Refreshment To Fasting Muslims In Pakistan Are Winning Hearts On Social Media

Updated on 4 Sep, 2018 at 4:12 pm


The holy month of Ramazan is being observed throughout the world. Muslims are observing fast, offering their prayers and seeking forgiveness.

Today we live in a world where communal harmony is facing the darkest times, riots and terror attacks have become a common phenomenon, and people have become less generous and kind to each other.

But keeping the faith in humanity alive, a group of Sikhs in Pakistan are devoting their time and doing the best they can for the sake of kindness. Members of the Sikh community are distributing refreshments to fasting people.

Two pictures of a Sikh man have been shared by a Facebook user. The man is seen to be distributing “roohafza doodh” (flavored milk). The Facebook post reads: “This is the true face of my Pakistan.”



The two have been doing an extremely brilliant job by offering some refreshment to people who are fasting. The pictures have gone viral and are also being shared at different Facebook food groups in Pakistan.

And this is how people have been reacting:


Muslims observe fast from dawn to dusk and are expected to be involved actively in giving alms, good deeds and charity during Ramzan. And even in India, other religious communities have reportedly come together to organize Iftar feast for the fasting people.