A Sikh Man Removed His Turban To Help A Bleeding Child In New Zealand

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12:51 pm 18 May, 2015


For Sikhs, their turban is supreme. It is sacred for them. But a Sikh man in New Zealand, without bothering about any religious beliefs, offered his turban to help a bleeding child, reports Patrika.

Harman Singh, 22, who resides in Auckland (New Zealand) saw a five-year-old child bleeding profusely in front of his house. The child, who had met with an accident, was hurt badly.


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haribhoomi Harman Singh

Leaving everything behind, he rushed to the spot and tried to help the child. To control the blood loss, he removed his turban and placed it under the child’s head.  Harman said:

“I just wanted to save the child’s life. I was afraid that due to blood loss, the child’s condition might become critical. Religion does not tell us to not to help people in need.”





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