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This Sikh Couple Dancing On Their 50th Wedding Anniversary Speaks All About Their Josh

Published on 4 February, 2019 at 4:17 pm By

There is no doubt that achieving long-lasting love in not easy. It’s an endlessly laborious undertaking that involves more struggle than it offers in pleasure. Despite the fact that how many efforts (in form of love and care) one single person puts in, many a time it can lead to failure due to little or no reciprocation from the other person. In today’s world where modern tools of communications like smartphones have distracted couples from each other in a big way, some other factors (lies, ego, jeaously, and space) too are contributing towards ruining a relationship.


However, what would you have to say when you see a couple achieving 50 years of togetherness? Certainly, making it to 50 years as a couple is a huge achievement, which deserves celebrating.



Something similar happened when a Sikh couple celebrated their 50th anniversary. A video, which is now viral, A Sikh couple could be seen dancing all the way through the reception hall.


Here is the video:




After the video was circulated online, a lot of people commented positively over the video. Check out some of the comments below:



While we absolutely love the video, it clearly proves that when it comes to having a good time, age is just a number. Their perfect moves and incredible coordination will also give you the ‘josh’ to get up and dance as well.

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