Sikh Brothers Save A Woman From Drowning By Using Their Turban (Pagri)

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1:17 pm 19 Oct, 2016

Two Sikh brothers, Gurdeep Mann and Bhadra Mann, recently saved the life of a woman whom they found drowning in Hanumangarh area of Rajasthan.

The duo was heading to a nearby market when they saw a woman jumping into the water stream near Sadul Branch of Sangria- Bharatpur road.


Dainik Bhaskar

Gurdeep Mann and Bhadra Mann. Dainik Bhaskar

Though they tried to shout and stop her from jumping, it was too late and by the time they reached her, she was already in the water.

The duo immediately took their Turban (Dastaar or Pagri) off and threw it in the water so as to save her.

Unfortunately, the woman was not able to hold of the turban for long and soon lost her hold on it.

The brothers, thus raised alarm to attract people, while using the same turban to get in the water.

While the people held on to one end of the pagri, the brothers used the other end to get in the water and grab hold of the woman.

The crowd then pulled them out and rushed the woman to a nearby hospital. They later informed the local police, who are now investigating the matter.


The brothers, later said that for them woman’s life was worth more than their pagri and that time that was the only thing they could do to save her life.

The woman is currently in hospital and undergoing treatment. Her reasons for jumping in the water stream is not yet known.


This is not the first time that Sikh men have used their turbans to save lives, back in 2015 a group of Sikh men had used their Dastaar to save many people from drowning in Punjab.


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