55 Sikh Men Arrested In UK Gurdwara For Carrying ‘Bladed Weapons’

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12:32 pm 12 Sep, 2016

UK Police on September 11 arrested 55 protesters at a Gurdwara in Leamington Spa, UK and said that they seized numerous “bladed weapons” at the scene.

The Sikh men had entered the Gurdwara to protest against the inter-faith wedding.


The Wedding was taking place in a Sikh wedding ceremony known as Anand Karaj and the protesters were protesting against a non-Sikh person taking part in the ceremony.

Following reports that a group of men had entered the Gurdwara, armed policemen surrounded the Gurdwara Sahib early Sunday morning and later arrested 55 Sikh men for aggravated trespass.

According to Superintendent David Gardner, the police deployed an armed force as they got reports that these men were in possession of a significant number of “bladed weapons”. Though he clarified that nobody was injured in the incident.

While the police didn’t clarify what these “bladed weapons” were, one most note that the Sikh community carries ceremonial daggers, kirpans, with them at all times, as per one of the pillars of Sikh faith.

According to the Guardian all but one of the weapons seized were kirpans.

Negotiators and religious leaders had also entered the building during the protest so as to offer assistance to the police.

According to ‘Sikh 2 Inspire’ it had staged a peaceful protest and added that many Sikhs in the UK have previously  protested the Sikh wedding ceremony being carried out for mixed faith weddings.

They said:

“The peaceful protests are about non-Sikhs undertaking a Sikh religious ceremony in a Gurdwara which is not line with Sikh protocol”.

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