21 Signs That You’re A Nawabi-Kababi From Lucknow

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8:03 pm 22 Jun, 2015

1. People tell you you’re really polite

You might not see yourself that way but according to people who know you, you’re courteous and polite.


2. Tunday – there’s only one

No matter how many branches they open in India and even abroad, you’d only go to the Tunday Kababi in Aminabad.


3. Bhool Bhulaiya lockdown sucks

At some point or the other (probably on a boring day), you have bemoaned the fact that the historic maze is no longer open to the public.


4. You’re a chikan supplier

You met the kind of ladies who, when they learn you’re from Lucknow, ask you to buy chikan salwar kameez for them.


5. ‘Tu’ is the worst abuse you can utter

For you, calling some ‘tu’ is worse than calling them a motherfucker. No greater insult has ever existed in any language than ‘tu’.


6. Sometimes you miss Mayawati

I know, I know, when she was in charge we hated her guts, but now, with the Yadavs in power, we are kind of like, “Man, I miss behen.”


7. You’ve sat in a tonga

If you’ve lived in Lucknow, you have had a tonga ride. Yes, you’ve parked your car or scooter and taken one round on the tonga.


8. You’re a bit of a foodie

You could be fat or thin, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, it doesn’t matter. You know where to get the good chaat, kebabs, biryani, etc.


9. You’ve romanced history

While you have gone with your loved one to malls and movie halls, you’ve also taken them to places like Residency, where young couples take refuge.


10. Shayari feels like home

If you ever hear someone spouting shayari, you feel a little nostalgic. You’ve also definitely attempted to write shayari at some point in life.


11. You think people from other cities are rude

When you first step out of Lucknow, you are shocked at how loud-mouthed, aggressive, brash and impolite people can be.


12. ‘Marine Drive’ at night

All right, it’s not the real Marine Drive, but it is still an awesome place to drive around at night with a bunch of your friends.


13. Aminabad is not confusing

When you give some poor newbie directions to a chikan shop in Aminabad and are told that they got lost, you realize how daunting Aminabad must be for newcomers.


14. You can’t understand the revri craze

It’s weird that people keep asking you to get them revri. You live in Lucknow and you only eat that hard stuff if someone has put it in front of you.


15. You know your mangoes

You know the different varieties and when is the best time to buy which variety of mangoes. Let other city-dwellers treat all mangoes the same, but not you.


16. You feel bad for tourists

You see the tour guides taking them to an outlet in Chowk, telling them that they will get the best designs and prices, and you feel sorry for them.


17. You know some history

Lucknow is a city where historical buildings are still in use; history isn’t a far-away thing, it’s part of your present. So you have to know some city history.


18. All the ‘V’ names

Vishal, Vineet, Vinay and Vikram are not the names of people here but rather area names.


19. Black and white Ganj

For outsiders, Hazrat Ganj might look strange with all the signs being in black and white, but for you there’s no novelty in the fact.


20. Ambedkar Park’s magnificence

The sprawling and beautifully sculpted and maintained Ambedkar Park draws people to it again and again. You’ve spent time there too.


21. Muskuraiye aap Lucknow mein hain

This has almost become a slogan for Lucknowites. And why wouldn’t you smile when Lucknow welcomes you back with open arms again and again?



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