14 Signs That Show You Like Someone Too Much

5:00 pm 21 Jul, 2015

We all have had or still have that one person whom we like way too much. You would do anything to have a glimpse of them every single day as they simply make your day. Your only wish is to spend quality time with them. They have some magical power that can bring a smile to your face even on a gloomy day. So here are 14 signs that show you like someone too much.

1. You just want to sit next to that person.

Most subtly of course. Don’t want to make things obvious now, do we?


2. You make absolutely impossible scenarios in your head about how you’ll meet, how you’d connect magically and end up together in the most beautiful and romantic way possible.

Thanks to Hollywood and Bollywood!


3. You think about how your first date would be.

How he would shyly ask you out, what you would wear, what he would wear and the likes. With lovely imagination that would put even Karan Johar to shame.


4. You dress up for that person, when you know they are going to be there.

Possibly hoping you could win their heart with a pretty dress or hot heels!


5. There’s a special folder in your gallery dedicated to the person.

A product of days and nights of relentless snooping for all of their prettiest pictures.


6. You get jealous of every girl he is talking to…

Wait. Oh no no…is he dating her!!??


7. Anything and everything he wears gives you the hots.

Be it a turtle neck or a muscle tee. Oh yeah!


8. The slightest brush of the hands, the most casual handshake or worst, a ‘friendly’ hug, will turn you into a blubbering mess of words.

It’s gonna take a little while to string normal sentences.


9. You have this irrational fear that he’s going to find you weird.

So you suddenly become a monitored program with a pretty laugh instead of a witch’s cackle.


10. You can wait all day for that little smile, that small nod of acknowledgement, that sweet “Hey”.

And if you luckily glimpse them on a gloomy day, your day is made!


11. You have butterflies in your stomach when he’s around.


12. Your day is made if his text is first! So much happiness!!


13. You want to become a better person for him.

More inclined towards the brighter side.


14. Being with them makes you happy.



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