17 Signs That Show You Are The Ross Geller Of Your Group

5:00 pm 5 Jun, 2015

One of the world’s best shows, ‘Friends’, left its fans sad 10 years ago. And the void is still there to be filled. The series taught us a lot of stuff. It explained to us the meaning of friendships and heartbreaks. It helped us live life, peacefully, all around that little light brown couch of Central Park. Well, some hated Ross, while others loved him because Chandler and Joey were always there to overshadow him. But he always was a lively part of the group.

Here are a few signs that show you are the Ross Geller of your group!

1. You’ve always had problems picking up the perfect partner.

You marry a lesbian, then say the wrong name at the altar and then get married when drunk. Sounds similar? Hello Ross! But in the end, it’s always perfect.


2. You have all these weird nicknames for yourself!

When you name yourself ‘Ross-A-Tron’ or ‘Ross the Divorce Force’ you know you’ve crossed another level of weirdness.


3. You are the worst flirt the world has ever seen.

When a pizza delivery girl leaves without taking the money from you, you know you’ve reached the epitome of ‘flirtlessness’.


4. The funny guys overshadow you in the group and you are their favorite bunny.

You’re always picked up for your weird sense of humour and knowledge. When you love dinosaurs you know you’re gonna get picked.


5. You are a person with excess knowledge of useless stuff.

Who roams around boasting about his knowledge of stone and dinosaurs and shit!


6. You cannot control your urge to correct people, every fucking time.

Why? Like seriously why? Shut the fuck up for a while please!


7. You try hard to be funny, but fail miserably every time.

When you find ‘we were on a break’ funny, you know your humour went for a stroll down crappy lane.


8. Your sister is an integral part of the group and you can’t curb your feelings for her best friend.

It’s complicated, isn’t it? And it’s weirder, when your sister is your first kiss with her best friend.


9. You can carry yourself even in a ladies T-shirt, unknowingly.

Fashion style: Inexplicably disastrous.


10. You friends pull their ears out when you try the keyboard.

I just listened to it, and my ears went for a stroll down deaf lane.


11. You’re always trying new things.

Trying leather pants on for a date and getting stuck. First time charm?


12. You freak out freakishly when someone takes away your sandwich and dumps it.

Just a sandwich? My sandwich, my sandwich! Someone ate the only good thing in my life!


13. You think it is okay to just ‘hangout’ with someone else, right after you went on a ‘break.’


14. You have mastered the art of ‘unagi.’


15. You’ve always believed that ‘happydent’ can whiten your teeth.


16. You’ve never been good with math.


17. Inspite of all this shit, you are an integral part of your group!




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