25 Signs That Show He Is Into You

7:00 pm 8 May, 2015

When it comes to expressing feelings, we sure practice gender equality. Men may seem to be normal, but the body language is enough to prove that they are totally into you. And it may prove to be a pretty efficient loyalty test as well. The various gestures by them will definitely make you go AWW!

Here are 25 signs that show he is into you.

1. He makes time for you, no matter how busy he maybe in his own life.


2. He just cannot control the blushing smile on his face right after he sees you.


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3. He just cannot take his eyes off you. There may be times when he is so into you that he may not listen to what you just said.


4. He has all these cute nicknames for you.


5. He replies to your messages within no time, maybe he was busy thinking about none but you.


6. He knows what your likes are, and voluntarily makes them his own.


7. He calls you anytime, for no reason, just to say hi and see how you have been!


8. You are his best company and he loves spending time with you.


9. He will laugh at your jokes, no matter how bad they may be.


10. You are his 2 AM friend and he shares everything with you.


11. Yes it’s all about priorities and you are his No.1 priority.


12. He always has small surprises waiting for you.


13. He makes you feel special and for him, everyday is your birthday.


14. He plays with your hair and ‘accidentally’ touches you.


15. You find him looking at you like a baby, when you are looking away.

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16. He stops his video game to reply to your text messages.


17. He looks at you like you are magic. As if God has made you only for him.


18. He wants to spend more time with you and plans outings.


19. He is not into his phone while you are with him.


20. While talking to you he is constantly looking into your eyes.

You will be able to sense that he is a little nervous while talking to you and this shows he has butterflies in stomach for you.


21. He admires you in every way and waits to tell every quirky or special happening of his life to you.


22. He shares his secrets and remains extremely genuine while he is with you.


23. He wants you to stay with him longer and makes different excuses for that.


24. Any post on social networking site and the first like is of his. He is totally waiting for your updates all the time.


25. Lastly, he tells you about his dreams and aspirations. This is a very important sign. Girl he is totally into you.



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