15 Signs That Show Cigarette Is The First Love Of Your Life

Updated on 7 Sep, 2017 at 2:38 pm

Although we know smoking kills, there are many who still consider cigarette as the first love of their life. They are basically addicted to smoking and simply can’t live without it. There are various signs that show this and here are 15 of them that indicates cigarette is the first love of your life.

1. You are definitely a chain smoker.

You can’t stay away from your love for too long. You have developed an amazing capacity to smoke chains of cigarette.


2. Cigarette comes first!

You would probably end up breaking up with your girlfriend if she asks you to quit smoking as cigarette is the only first love of your life!!


3. Darkness is your thing.

You have probably developed huge dark circles and dark lips as a result of chain smoking which you are oblivious about.


4. You just can’t live without it even for few hours!

Your body starts shivering or sweating profusely if you don’t get a cigarette at your regular time.


5. Quit smoking is the definition of impossible for you.

You simply can’t imagine leaving smoking or cigarette forever. It’s a nightmare for you and the definition of impossible.


6. You are a famous face in almost all the tapri near your house.

Since you are a regular visitor, all the tapri vala know you by name.


7. Chai sutta chronicles.

Chai sutta combination is all you need to make your day.


8. You start and end with cigarette.

All your work starts with smoking a cigarette and ends the same way.


9. You are attracted to those who smoke.

You are mostly attracted to the opposite sex who too consider cigarette as the first love of their life.


10. In awe of the smoke effect.

You just love the smoke effect it creates around you.


11. You are best friends with smokers.

-Smoke here, smoke there, smoke smoke everywhere.


12. The high a cigarette can give you cannot be achieved by anything in life.


13. The moment smoke inside you go in some other world.


14. If you don’t find your favourite brand you don’t smoke. No ditching. After all brand loyalties.


15. Family trips are difficult for you. *Searches for an isolated place*


This article in anyway doesn’t encourage smoking. Smoking is injurious to health and it causes cancer. If you like the write up, give it a share.