17 Signs That Show You Are Not Into Bollywood

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10:00 am 5 Aug, 2015

Have you watched ‘Sholay’, ‘DDLJ’ or ‘K3G’? What? None of these? Certainly you are not a Bollywood fan. Any Hindi cinema lover would know the importance of these movies in their lives. But don’t worry, this is just one of the signs for you. Read until you discover all.

1. People around you go all gaga over their favorite Bollywood celebrity, but you’ll be like, “I don’t care.”


2. You cannot find any link between Bollywood and fashion. Both are independent of each other. No matter what other people think.


3. You don’t believe in wasting your time watching any award event because it’s more about paparazzi than any meaningful appreciation of work.


4. You feel that gossip magazines or that supplement attached with the newspaper is completely useless.


5. Whenever your friends go like, “Do you know Shahid Kapoor just got married?”, you’ll be like, “So what? Do I care?”


6. Bollywood dialogues sound like Greek and Latin to you.


7. While all your friends book their first-day first-show tickets for their favorite star’s movie, you prefer spending your day relaxing at home.


Not into Bollywood

8. Hindi songs sound boring to you as they are meaningless.


9. At times you don’t mind watching Bollywood films but only if they suit your choice of genre.


10. Whenever a teaser for a new movie is released, you are the least interested one around.


11. You are never fight for your favorite character because you don’t have any.


12. Item songs sound to you like the worse music ever.


13. You often get caught in debates about how degraded you feel Bollywood movies are.


14. Your idea of a romantic date is not borrowed from any of typical Bollywood romantic scene.


15. If ever you are asked to write a quiz on Bollywood songs, movies, actors, you will be the most clueless person on earth.


Not into Bollywood

16. Bollywood dance moves make you dizzy.


17. You feel that Hindi cinema actors are very over-rated.


Not into Bollywood


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