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16 Flawless Signs You Are In Love With The Right Person

Updated on 2 September, 2019 at 5:07 pm By

The human race in general is on an endless quest for love – aren’t we all?


All of us fall in love with a variety of people throughout our lives. We fall in love with those who are good for us, those who are bad for us. Sometimes we live through healthy relationships and at other times we are wound up in damaging alliances.

But as love is special and scarce, we must know how to pick the right people to share it with. Check out our list of signs that indicate you’ve made the right choice:

1. They call you for no particular reasons, but only to tell stories about how they spent their day and ask about yours.

2. They often make plans so that the two of you could do something together.

It could be watching a movie, going out for walks, cooking meals, meeting friends, or a million other things.

Making plans


3. They introduce you to their friends and show excitement about meeting yours.

In romantic relations, especially when it’s just the beginning, both boys and girls feel the excitement of showing you off to their friends. Be cautious if they want to keep you a secret. It clearly indicates something is not correct about their intentions.

Romantic relations


4. They are there to help you out when you need something.

If your car has broken down, they will chauffeur you around for weeks. If the plumbing at home is leaking, they will get it fixed. If you have an arm fractured, they will write down notes for you. Remember, small gestures always indicate the deepest concern.

5. They do what they say they will do.


Not only do they do what they say to you, but are also enthusiastic about achieving the goals they’ve set out for. And this is one of the most admirable qualities about people you should keep in your life.

6. You are able to communicate easily and openly.


When you hit bumps en-route your relationship, open and easy communication is the only way out. If any of you gets mad, withdraws or keeps arguing, there is no fun left in being together.

7. Their life decisions are made around you.

Being in love is not just about sex, or how good you look as a couple. It is about two people planning their lives together. It could be decisions about the city where both of you could live and work, or you guys could be planning your finances together.

8. They push you to accomplish goals.

If the other person wants to see you grow and achieve real happiness, they push you to accomplish your goals. Whether you want to be a style icon, a social worker, or go to the moon, they will back you.

9. Your opinions are valued for every important decision in life.

A person who seeks your opinion in the most important decisions of life, obviously values your presence.  And no, we’re not talking about small decisions like where to eat dinner, but rather big decisions like whether to stay back in the country or go out.

10. You tell things you don’t tell anyone else.

Whether it is cheating, debt, illness, or professional failures, they will tell you everything honestly. They won’t feel ashamed of telling you anything under the sun.

11. You let them see your weakest moments.

It’s easy to feel happy with someone in their happy times, but what happens when you’re not doing so well? If you can still stay comfortable with a person through rough hours, keep them for a lifetime.

12. You’re incredibly and utterly attracted to them.

Physical chemistry works as much as our natural chemistry and if the two of you can easily replicate the attraction, there is every reason for you to be together.

13. They make you a better person.

When with them you want to bring out the best side of you. You start working harder, you give time and importance to your hobbies and things you like doing.

14. They don’t want to change a single thing about you.

Even when they know you are messier than them or that you can’t through the night without watching stupid daily sops, they accept you and never condemn any of your habits.


15. You feel like sharing every small thing with them.

Do they share photos of every place they go, photos of their childhood, and tell you every small story about their friends, colleagues and friends? Sometimes they simply call you to say how much they miss you.

Small things


16. They let you vent out your frustrations.


If they are the first person who comes to your mind when you vent out your frustrations against life, people, or work, you know you can really trust them with your good and bad times.

Bad times

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