13 Signs You Two Will Make Great Parents One Day

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12:00 pm 18 Sep, 2015

Human beings are social creatures. Once they find a mate, having an offspring is the obvious next step. But it cannot be assumed an ideal husband or a wife will make a good parent.  They say parenting is the toughest job in the world and you don’t get paid for it.

If you and your boyfriend/girlfriend are truly-madly-deeply in love, you two will probably tie the knot anytime soon, have kids, and grow old together.

But, will you two make good, bad, great or average parents? Let’s find out!

1. You are organized and keep your apartment clean.

If you two don’t spend half the time fighting over lost keys and a pair of socks, you will have little trouble handling a new member in the family.


2. If you have a happy pet, it is fed on time and loved a whole lot.

Owning a pet is not a trial run, okay?

But, if any of you two owns one, how you take care of this pet should let you draw some insights.


3. When things go wrong (and they will), at least one of you can keep calm and look for solutions instead of freaking out.

Are you the one to handle a situation calmly or will you be totally freaked out if your kid swallowed his chewing gum by mistake?


4. Do both of you look out for each other? You will dote on your baby too.

Responsible couples make it a point not to rub each other the wrong way. They handle diaper rash and baby poop with a smile.


5. You leave your egos out of the door.

Only couples, who have no fixed ideas about the role of a mom or a dad, turn out to be good parents.

Nowadays, parents need to look beyond the set rules of who takes care of what.


6. Can you keep your cool when someone goes crazy for no reason at all?

Kids will literally test all of your patience.


7. The set of values between the two of you overlaps a whole lot.

The theory of what is right and wrong has to match or the kid will go nuts.

Your kid will be happier if s/he has a clear set of values, beliefs and life-examples to look up to.


8. Do you both give each other space? If yes, you are good to go.

Bringing up a child is like nurturing a sapling. You can’t be sure what will happen next but you’ve got to trust the Almighty and let the other person (your kid) acquire his or her own individuality with time.


9. You have a support group that will stand by you come what may.

No amount of parenting books can make you ready for a child. Friends and family are most needed at this time.


10. Both of you have an impeccable record of behaving in public; you have never had those embarrassed-for-life moments and even you did have few, you two have got on the right track now.

Don’t forget you will be the child’s first role models; you just can’t afford to slip up.


11. If you both are comfortable with PDA, your little one will glow in the affection.

Couples, who like to show their love, make the cuddliest parents and have happy babies.


12. You two can handle poop, puke, and food without running out of the room.

Well if you can’t, you better get ready for it, as it is going to become a daily routine.



13. If you both take responsibility for your actions, you will be able to raise another being.

If you don’t pass on chores to each other and complete your tasks on time, you will be great parents.



Welcome to the world of small humans!!



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