10 Signs That Show Your Vacations Are Finally Over

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4:00 pm 21 Jun, 2015

Summer vacations bring us much joy and wonderful memories and the existential question of, “What am I doing with my life?”

However, as the weeks go by, there are tiny but sure signs that the bass is going to drop and that the party is going to get over. For brace yourselves, College is coming!

In no particular order, here are the omens that vacations are at a close and life must go on.

1. Changing sleep cycles

The entire vacation goes by with you imitating an owl by night and a sloth by day. But, as the vacation weeks get lesser, you start going to bed and rise a little earlier than usual. Because, duh, no one wants to look hungover on the first day of college. Well, at least on the first day.



Yay! Alarms! giphy

2. Becoming shopaholics

You know your vacations are coming to an end when you start buying new stationery and new clothes. Because I have enough to wear, said no one ever.


3. Stress eating

We have been gorging on delicious homemade food three times a day and seven days a week for two months straight. And suddenly going back to stale dabba food is not very appealing. So in comes the junk food and out goes your mother’s temper. Yup, vacations are totally coming to a close.



I refuse to give up ghar ka khaana! wifflegif

4. Active Whatsapp groups

For two months, your cell phone has been more or less dormant, for everyone has been busy in flooding their social media with awesome vacation updates. But when someone asks, “Lectures kab hai?” and suddenly your college WhatsApp group starts pinging incessantly, you know your vacation chapter is about to come to a close.



Who added me back!? itprobs

5. Last everything

Suddenly a lot of lasts start popping up- last weekend, last extended trip with friends, last time you get bread and doodh from the grocer, etc. Vacations are definitely coming to an end!



Last trip with friends, till two months later… youtube

6. Relative announcements

Every time your relatives ask you what you are doing these days, you have a standard reply, “College ki tayyari..!”



Kaunse standard mein jaoge beta? giphy

7. Makeover scenes

You’ve spent the entire vacation sporting a tan, unruly hair and fingernails that compete with those of the witches of Salem. But when you rush back to look like your former brighter, prim-and-proper and more put together self, it’s time to acknowledge that the vacations will be over soon.



AFTER tumblr

8. First rains

You’ve bitched about the heat infinite times during the vacation while spending time in air-conditioned rooms. But when the first rain brings more green, coolness and the smell of soil in the air, it’s go time!



Why don’t you have a bigger chhata? tumblr

9. Room renovation

You haven’t lifted a broom the entire time and probably have two laundry bags of unwashed clothes. But when your room starts looking like it’s got a major upgrade – clean floors, arranged and full wardrobes, clean mirrors, the vacation’s ending.



Room, room na raha… tumblr

10. Pointless fantasies

Your vacation has been awesome: long trips with your family, movies with friends, nightouts with cousins, a love affair with Youtube. But there comes a point when all you can think about is college, the amazing times you are going to have, the picnics you are going to go on, the lectures you are going to bunk, the hot people you are going to meet – like a Alia Bhatt film running in your head! And that is when you know why you should stop watching crappy movies, because the vacation is coming to an end!



Kitni saari khushi! ilu-ilu


What do you start doing when vacations come to an end?


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